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A crime that killed the future.

A dark power buried in the past.

A destiny spanning hundreds of years…

Alex’s life changed forever the night a family of murderers from the future arrived on his doorstep.


Little did he know that the Evergreens had been framed for their horrific crime, yet out of all time and space they had been sent back hundreds - or possibly thousands - of years to him. As it becomes clear that he is the only person in all of history that can save them, Alex helps the Evergreens in their desperate search to prove their innocence. 


As they delve deeper into the truth of their crime, Alex’s world is blown wide-open as he discovers mind-bending time travel, exhilarating memories of the future and the magical time the Evergreens have returned from. It is only when details emerge of a mystical power hidden in somewhere history, and as those hunting down the Evergreens explode onto the scene, that a thick web of secrets unravels around Alex. Slowly and surely, the sinister truth connecting him and the Evergreens together through time will be revealed…